Koala ΔT Infant Warmer
Keeping Baby Warm Just Got Easier

The New Solution to Active Infant Warming

As the recognized specialist in temperature monitoring, NOVAMED USA presents KOALA Infant Warmer to address the need for early active warming and ensure optimal development during this fragile stage of life.

The KOALA Infant Warmer is a multi-layer reusable thermal mattress powered by a portable, lightweight controller. The KOALA mattress fits easily into a standard size bassinet to provide continuous, active underbody warmth at a controllable pre-set temperature.

KOALA's layer of patented conductive carbon polymer thermal fabric provides gentle, uniformly distributed underbody warmth, simulating a mother's natural body heat. A layer of pressure relief memory foam provides enhanced support to improve infant circulation and comfort.

100% reusable, KOALA ∆T Infant Warmer is an effective, affordable alternative to a radiant warmer and disposable thermal gel pads.

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Minimize Risk of Infant Thermal Stress

Maintaining a neutral thermal environment is one of the key challenges faced by newborns in the first precious minutes, hours and days of life. The temperature of the in utero environment is 0.5° C higher than human body temperature. After birth, the infant is exposed to a dramatically colder environment.

Due to the absence of protective body fat, infants are particularly susceptible to cold stress as a result of this sudden change in temperature. Even a healthy, normal-birthweight infant is at risk of developing severe cold stress or hypothermia.

There are Multiple Sources of Heat Loss

An infant's temperature can drop precipitously after birth, due to multiple sources of heat loss. Through conduction, a significant amount of heat may be lost directly through skin's contact with a surface, such as a cold table in the Labor & Delivery room.

Contact with a warm surface, as provided by KOALA Infant Warmer, has been shown to effectively prevent conduction heat loss. Studies have revealed that the use of warming mattresses in Labor &Delivery significantly improves infants' core body temperature.

Benefits of KOALA ∆T Infant Warmer
ClinicaLly Effective
  • Underbody mattress ensures complete infant access.
  • Quick warm-up (3-5 minutes) with flexible temperature settings.
  • Mattress is X-Ray and Radio translucent.
  • Offers temperature ranges in both Celsius and Fahrenheit:

°C: °F:
33-37° 91-99°
28-35° 82-95°
32-39° 90-102°
Cost efficient
  • Low power consumption reduces energy costs.
  • Reusable. Eliminates cost of disposable gel pads, storage,and
    waste disposal.
  • 100% Reusable. No Disposable Parts.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Silent in Operation. Noise Free.

The Future in Active Infant Warming, Today

Unlike traditional radiant warmers, KOALA∆T warms through direct contact with skin, simulating mother’s natural body warmth.

KOALA is ideal for use in mother-baby and other hospital rooms where babies are at increased risk of infant cold stress and hypothermia.

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