KOALA ∆T Infant Warmer Clinical Applications

KOALA is An Effective and Affordable Alternative to minimize risk of cold, stress, and hypothermia

Reusable and energy efficient, KOALA ∆T Infant Warmer is an affordable, "go green" alternative to radiant warmers and disposable heated gel pads with controllable temperatures.


KOALA provides continuous, gentle active warmth at a controllable, pre-set temperature, making it safer and more effective than disposable heated gel pads.

As it warms from underneath, KOALA allows complete infant access with no transfer of heat to clinicians, as commonly occurs with a radiant warmer. KOALA’s conductive warming is more effective than radiant warming because it utilizes conductive warming, and is not reduced by air drafts.

KOALA Cost Saving Benefits

KOALA ∆T Infant Warmer utilizes a reusable thermal mattress, providing savings in the cost of disposable thermal gel pads, storage of these pads, and waste disposal.

KOALA ∆T is Multi-Use, Multi-Benefit

KOALA ∆T Infant Warmer is recommended for use in Labor and Delivery, Cesarean OR, Newborn Nursery, Mother-Baby rooms, NICU and PICU. KOALA ∆T's low voltage and lightweight design makes it ideal for transport.

  • Cesarean OR / Labor and Delivery – Provides a warm surface for the newborn baby, utilizing a fraction of the energy of a radiant warmer.
  • Mother-Baby Rooms – Provides warmth for baby without producing excess heat for mother. Utilizes less energy than a radiant warmer.
  • Newborn Nursery – Warms without overheating, utilizing less energy than a radiant warmer. The temperature is easily controlled, with no worry of drafts disrupting warmth.
  • NICU / PICU – Actively warms to maintain normothermia and provide complete infant access. The use of warming mattresses during transport to the NICU has been shown to improve core body temperature on admission.

KOALA ∆T is Multi-layered for Multi-Benefits
Ultra Soothing Layer
  • Provides enhanced softness and comfort
  • Promotes uniform distribution of warmth

Patented Carbon Polymer
Thermal Fabric
  • Delivers uniformly distributed underbody
    warmth at selected temperature setting
  • Actively warms to prevent infant cold
    stress and hypothermia

Pressure-Relief "Memory Foam"
  • Provides individualized support for health
    and well-being during this fragile stage of development
  • Conforms to body to improve circulation
    and prevent decubitius ulcers

Soft and Durable Cover
  • Baby sensitive, Latex-Free
  • 100% reusable with welded
    seams for long life
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Illustrating the benefits of Koala ∆T Warming System's pressure relieving properties.

A clinical study in the Wound Care journal revealed that the KOALA mattress provides more effective pressure relief than either a standard OR mattress or a commonly used gel pad.

Koala ∆T's "memory foam" layer provides enhanced comfort and support while ensuring an even distribution of body weight, enhancing warming performance and preventing decubitus ulcers.

Common Gel pad
Koala ∆T Infant Warming mattress

Pressure-relieving properties of an intra-operative warming device. Baker EA,
Leaper DJ. Wound Care, 2003 Apr;12(4):156-60.


KOALA O.R. Mattresses

Utilizing SCIP-INF-10 compliant patented carbon polymer technology, KOALA is the affordable solution to warm each and every patient.

NEOTEMP Neonatal Skin Temperature Sensors

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The Future in Active Infant Warming, Today

Unlike traditional radiant warmers, KOALA∆T warms through direct contact with skin, simulating mother’s natural body warmth.

NEOTEMP Skin Temperature Sensors
NEOTEMP Skin Temperature Sensors
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