Koala ∆T Warming Blankets
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Air-Free Warming for Pre-OP and Post-OP

The same patented conductive technology utilized in KOALA ∆T Warming System is also available in overbody blankets to maintain normothermia Pre-Op, Post-Op and in select Intensive Care situations.

With low running costs and minimal setup requirements, KOALA ∆T Warming Blankets are a reusable, cost efficient solution to warm every surgical patient.

Go Green Symbol KOALA Reusable Warming Mattress
  • For Pre-Op, PACU and some Intensive Care applications.
  • 100% Reusable - eliminates costly storage and HazWaste.
  • Low power consumption reduces energy costs.
  • Eliminates setup time between procedures.
  • Durable polyurethane-coated cover allows for easy disinfection between patients.
  • Silent in Operation – Noise Free.
KOALA Warming System Reusable Conductive Blanket

The Power of Pre-Warming

All patients under general anesthesia, regardless of age, weight or other factors, are at increased risk of hypothermia. Research indicates that body temperature drops precipitously during surgery due to cold operating room temperatures and anesthetic-induced inhibition of thermoregulation.

Studies have proven that warming patients 30 minutes before an operation significantly reduces the risk of perioperative hypothermia, improving recovery rates and long term health.

Benefits of Pre Warming Patients KOALA Warming System

In this study in the British Journal of Anesthesia, temperature was maintained above the hypothermic threshold of 36°C in 68% of patients in the pre-warmed group, compared with 43% of patients in the control group. All patients were warmed interoperatively.

British Journal of Anesthesia (2008) 101 (5): 627-631.

KOALA Warming Blanket Selection        KOALA Warming Blanket Sizes

Product Specifications
Product Description Part Number Dimensions

KOALA Control Unit, 110V   29 - KOR - CON 6.2" x 9.4" x 9.0"
KOALA Pre-Op Blanket, Long 29 - KOR - ORBLL 42" x 20"
KOALA Pre-Op Blanket, Short 29 - KOR - ORBLS 34" x 20"
KOALA Recovery Room Blanket,
Full Length
29 - KOR - RBFL 65" x 32"
KOALA Recovery Room Blanket,
Full Length, Wide
29 - KOR - RBFLW 65" x 47"
Stop Blowing Hot Air

Tired of blowing hot air, costly disposables and concern for infection issues? Discover KOALA's 'down-under' conductive patient warming. SCIP-approved, clinically effective and cost efficient.

The reusable underbody warming mattress is designed for OR procedures, especially when total patient access is required (open heart / liver transplant / neonatal / plastic surgery).

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Promoting Active Warming
SCIP-Inf-10, also known as the "National Normothermia Measure," mandates that all patients undergoing any surgical procedure under general or neuraxial anesthesia for one hour or longer must be normothermic before, during, and after surgery.
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Did You Know
Lifesound Esophageal Stethoscope NOVAMED USA

LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscopes provide unparalleled acoustical performance in heart / breath sound reproduction with simultaneous core body temperature monitoring.
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