KOALA Warming System Clinical Applications
NOVAMED KOALA Patient Warming System KOALA Illustration NOVAMED KOALA Warming System Underbody Thermal Mattress

Efficient. Effective. Eco-Friendly. Economical.
100% Reusable - 100% Silent

KOALA is Multi-Use, Multi-Benefit

KOALA ∆T Warming System's underbody thermal mattress is ideal for any medical situation where there is a potential risk of hypothermia and unhindered patient access is a requirement. As the only clinically effective underbody patient warming, KOALA ∆T Warming System is recommended for open-heart, organ transplant, major abdominal, trauma, and orthopedic procedures.

KOALA ∆T is the preferred warming system for lengthy surgical procedures because it operates in total silence.

KOALA ∆T Warming System is applicable in the OR, ICU, PICU, CCU, PACU and ER. Affordable and user-friendly, with minimal setup requirements, KOALA ∆T is also recommended for independent and outpatient surgery centers.

Koala Patient Warming Benefits
KOALA Warming System Multi Layer Conductive Mattress
Comfort Layer
  • Soothing layer of cotton provides
    enhanced comfort and pressure-relief

Patented Carbon Polymer Sheet
  • Provides active warmth to
    effectively maintain normothermia
  • Conductive thermal sheet provides continuous, evenly distributed warmth

Pressure-Relief "Memory Foam"
  • Conforms to improve patient circulation
  • Provides even distribution of weight
    and warmth

Durable Latex-Free Cover
  • Welded seams ensure long life
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Allows easy disinfection
    between patients
KOALA Warming System Reusable Conductive Mattress

KOALA's durable, adjustable-length straps attach directly to the OR table, allowing easy transfer from one OR to another.


Illustrating the benefits of Koala ∆T Warming System's pressure relieving properties.

Studies show that Koala ∆T's "memory foam" layer provides enhanced comfort and support without affecting warming performance. Distribution of weight and warmth are significantly more uniform.

Gel pad illustration of non uniform warming Common Gel pad
Uniform Warming Benefits of KOALA MattressKoala ∆T Warmingsystem

Pressure-relieving properties of an intra-operative warming device. Baker EA,
Leaper DJ. Wound Care, 2003 Apr;12(4):156-60.

NOVAMED KOALA Warming System OR Mattress Multiple Sizes
Full length mattress
uniformly warms patient
from head to foot.
Available in four lengths:
Full Length, 3/4 Length,
1/2 Length, Neonatal.
Half length mattress
attaches directly to OR
or lithotomy table to suit
a variety of procedures.

KOALA Warming System Product Specifications
Product Description Part Number Dimensions
KOALA Control Unit, 110V 29 - KOR - CON 6.2" x 9.4" x 9.0"
Standard Width Mattress Selection
KOALA O.R. Mattress, Full Length, Narrow 29 - KOR - FLN 75" x 21"
KOALA O.R. Mattress, ¾ Length, Narrow 29 - KOR - MLN 47" x 21"
KOALA O.R. Mattress, ½ Length, Narrow 29 - KOR - HLN 42" x 21"
KOALA O.R. Mattress, Neonatal 29 - KOR - NEO 22" x 20"
Extended Width Mattress Selection
KOALA O.R. Mattress, Full Length, Wide 29 - KOR - FL 75" x 23"
KOALA O.R. Mattress, ¾ Length, Wide 29 - KOR - ML 47" x 23"
KOALA O.R. Mattress, ½ Length, Wide 29 - KOR - HL 42" x 23"
Pre-Op / PACU Blankets
NOVAMED KOALA Warming System thermal blanket

KOALA’s patented conductive warming technology is also available in an overbody blanket for Pre-Op, PACU and select intensive care situations.

Promoting Active Warming
SCIP-Inf-10, also known as the "National Normothermia Measure," mandates that all patients undergoing any surgical procedure under general or neuraxial anesthesia for one hour or longer must be normothermic before, during, and after surgery.
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Did You Know
MRI Conditional Laryngoscopes
The magnetic force of a 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner is equivalent to 60,000 times Earth's magnetic field. NOVALITE MRI Conditional Laryngoscopes meet FDA mandated ASTM Standards and Class 2 device specifications for scanners up to 3 Tesla.
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