Video Laryngoscopy Designed for More than Just Difficult Intubations


Introducing the most versatile, practically priced video laryngoscope now available.
Providing clinicians a portable, high definition video solution that addresses the need for both initial and backup airway management.

One monitor with three interchangeable solutions: reusable video blades, reusable video stylet and single use video blades.

REUSABLE Video Laryngoscope System with monitor shown above. Reusable blades are available in 5 sizes: MIL 0, MAC 1, MAC 2, MAC 3 and MAC 4.
REUSABLE Rigid Video Stylet (adult size) shown above with high res color monitor for easy use, clear visualization.

SINGLE USE Video Laryngoscope System available in three size blades: MAC 2, MAC 3 and MAC 4.
Plastic blade snaps onto Reusable Video Baton which connects to high resolution monitor as shown above.

  • High resolution color images displayed on a 2.5 inch monitor screen.
  • Monitor is easily adjustable to tilt back and forth at 130°, 270° rotatable.
  • Portable, lightweight, cordless.
  • Ergonomic handle ensures a solid grip.
  • Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Charge lasts over 120 minutes, recharges with a USB port connection.
  • Built-in anti-fogging feature for a reliable, clear view and quick response.
  • Blades are low-profile with high quality camera feature, no blind zones.

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For Emergency Intubations
in the MRI Suite

Get equipped to improve response time in the MRI Suite. NOVALITE® Fiber Optic MRI Conditional Laryngoscope blades are safe for use in the MRI Suite when paired with NOVALITE® MRI Conditional handle.
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LIFESOUND® Esophageal Stethoscopes provide unparalleled acoustical performance in heart / breath sound reproduction with simultaneous core body temperature monitoring.
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