High Quality Construction for Maximum Light Transmission
NOVALITE Fiber Optic Single Use Green System Laryngoscopes

Single Use Polycarbonate Blades

Constructed of durable, high quality polycarbonate, NOVALITE Fiber Optic Single Use blades prevent cross-contamination for safer intubations.

  • Polished Stem Fiber Optic bundle facilitates maximum light transmission for measurably improved illumination.
  • Advanced XENON technology provides up to 40% more light than conventional halogen bulbs.
  • Prevents cross contamination for safer intubations.
  • Eliminates cleaning cost and inconvenience.
  • Compatible with all ISO 7376 (Green System) handles.
  • Safe for use in the MRI Suite paired with NOVALITE MRI Conditional handle.

NOVALITE Single Use Polycarbonate Blades - Prevents Cross Contamination

NOVALITE Single Use Polycarbonate Blades - Safe Intubations - Safe for MRI
NOVALITE Single Use Polycarbonate Blades - More Light

MACINTOSH FIBER OPTIC Single use Laryngoscope Blades
Green System
Order Number Description Size
14 - 100FOD - MAC - 3 MacIntosh 3 Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blade Medium Adult
14 - 100FOD - MAC - 4 MacIntosh 4 Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blade Adult
Blades are packaged 10 / pre-pack

Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handles
Green System
Size / Description Batteries Order Number
Medium/Adult Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle 2C 14 - 600FO - 01
Penlight/Pediatric Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle 2AA 14 - 600FO - 02
Stubby Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle 2AA 14 - 600FO - 03

Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handles
Xenon Bulbs 2.7V and 3.5V

Xenon Light Technology Replacement Lamps
Description Order Number
Ultra Brite Xenon Bulbs 2.7V (6 pack) 14 - 700FO - 02 - 06

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For Emergency Intubations in the MRI Suite

NOVAMED Fiber Optic Laryngoscope - Safe for use in MRI Get equipped to improve response time in the MRI Suite. NOVALITE Fiber Optic MRI Conditional Laryngoscope blades are safe for use in the MRI Suite when paired with NOVALITE MRI Conditional Laryngoscope handle.
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