Setting the Standard for Safer Intubations

High Quality Construction for maximum DuraBility

NOVALITE Standard Reusable Laryngoscope handles are built to last with a polished
finish to ensure long life and durability. The universal design ensures compatibility with
standard laryngoscope blades.

Available in three sizes: Medium / Adult, Penlight / Pediatric and Stubby, NOVALITE handles
are textured to provide a comfortable grip, reducing the chance of slippage for improved
safety during intubation.

  • High quality construction with a polished finish.
  • Textured surface provides a comfortable grip.
  • Compatible with standard / conventional laryngoscope blades.
  • Available in Medium / Adult, Penlight / Pediatric and Stubby sizes.

NOVALITE Standard handles shown from left to right: Large, Stubby, Penlight, Medium.
NOVALITE LED Standard Laryngoscope blades shown on Medium and Stubby Standard handles..

Penlight / Pediatric Standard handles are preferred for use with neonatal size laryngoscope blades. Utilize with Standard Miller 00, Miller 0 and Miller 1 LED blades for NICU / L&D.

Standard Reusable Laryngoscope Handles
Order Number Description Batteries
14-600S-01 Medium Adult Standard Laryngoscope Handle 2C
14-600S-02 Penlight/Pediatric Standard Laryngoscope Handle 2AA
14-600S-03 Stubby Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Handle 2AA
14-600S-06 Large Standard Laryngoscope Handle 2D


NOVAMED offers the only Stainless Steel Single Use Standard handles on the market, providing the extra step to ensure patient safety and improve infection control.

Available in Medium / Adult and Pediatric /Penlight, the NOVALITE Disposable handles are individually packaged – separate from the blade and available with or without batteries as required.

Shown on the left: Medium/Adult Single Use Standard Handle with Miller 1.5 Single Use LED Standard Blade. Also shown, Pediatric/Penlight Single Use Standard Handle and Miller 00, 0 and 1 LED Standard Single Use Laryngoscope blades. Shown on the right: Medium/Adult and Pediatric/Penlight Single Use Standard Handles.

Order in box quantity (10 pcs. per box)
Order Number Description Batteries
18-DMH-010 Medium/Adult Standard Single Use Laryngoscope Handle 2C
18-DPH-010 Penlight/Pediatric Standard Single Use Laryngoscope Handle 2AA

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LED's Are Cool
Safer for Neonates

NOVALITE LED Standard Laryngoscopes remain cool at all times, the safest option for neonates.

NOVALITE LED Standard Laryngoscope blades provide superior illumination with a low profile for safer intubations. Available in pediatric sizes Miller 00 to Miller 1.5, MacIntosh 0 - 1.

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NOVATEMP Dual Display Temperature Monitor is a portable, battery operated solution for an accurate temperature measurement without a physiological monitor – the preferred choice of EMS, Transport and Pain Management Specialists.
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