Continuous Monitoring of Core Body Temperature
NOVATEMP Tympanic Temp Sensors

Accuracy is Key for Tympanic Temperature Monitoring

The tympanic membrane is a thin, semitransparent membrane in the middle ear that transmits sound vibrations. Since the tympanic membrane is within close proximity to the carotid artery which supplies the hypothalamus, the body’s thermostat, it is recognized as an excellent alternative location to provide an accurate and reliable core body temperature measurement.

Because the tympanic membrane is extremely fragile, placement of the sensor is important. Accuracy of the temperature measurement relies on creating a seal that prevents air flow between the auditory canal and the environment.

NOVATEMP TYMPANIC SENSOR SIDE VIEW 2016        Auditory Canal Image NovaMed 2016

Gentle, Reliable Temperature Monitoring

NOVATEMP® Tympanic Temperature Sensors utilize a gentle, layered material that conforms to the fragile tympanic membrane for a reliable measurement of core body temperature, second only to Esophageal Stethoscopes in accuracy. NOVAMED's unique tympanic design facilitates ease of placement while minimizing risk of tympanic membrane perforation.

Adult latex free hypoallergenic temp sensor

    • Ideal for accurate measurement of adult core body temperature.
    • Thermistor ensures temperature reading sensitivity with accuracy +/- 0.2°C, full scale clinical range.
    • Long lead wire in twisted pair configuration for safer procedures.
    • Stress-free, custom fitted molded connector with double strain relief for operating room reliability.
    • Available with 400 Series thermistor.
    • Sterile packaging, not made with natural rubber latex.
    Tympanic Temperature Sensors, 400 Series, 60 Pieces / Case

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    Learn more about NOVAMED USA temperature monitoring products, to address a variety of clinical applications.

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Novamed USA Exclusive

A Direct Temp Connection for DRAEGER / SIEMENS SC Monitors Temperature Adapter Cable for Draeger Infinity and Siemens SC monitors Reusable Temperature Adapter Cable connects directly to the multi-med cable with a molded 7 pin din connector. Single piece construction with molex connector to fit all 400 Series temp probes. illustration of temperature adapter cable for draeger infinity and siemens SC monitors
NOVALITE PREMIER Fiber Optics: Integrated Bundle, Green System Compatibility
NOVAMED MRI Safe Premier Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades

The integrated design features an enlarged (5.0 mm) fiber optic bundle for maximum light transmission. Ideal to facilitate sterilization for minimized risk of cross contamination.
Stop Blowing Hot Air
KOALA conductive underbody warming system is compliant with the scip initiative

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The reusable underbody warming mattress is designed for OR procedures, especially when total patient access is required (open heart / liver transplant / neonatal / plastic surgery). Utilizes a patented carbon polymer technology for safe and uniform warmth.

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Did You Know
ACCUTHERM Liquid Crystal Forehead Tempeature indicators
Pre-op through post-op, ACCUTHERM Liquid Crystal Forehead Temperature Trend Indicators provide the brightest, most visible indication of core body temperature – the most affordable way to monitor temperature.

Easy to Read – Simple to Use
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