KOALA Infant Warmer is Lightweight and Portable with Adjustable
Temperature Settings

NOVAMED KOALA Infant Warmer Illustration KOALA Underbody Infant Warming System NOVAMED

NOVAMED KOALA Infant Warmer KOALA Infant Warmer Underbody Reusable Conductive Mattress Inditherm Infant Warmer Thermal Mattress

KOALA ∆T Infant Controller is user friendly with hi-visibility control buttons for ease of use. KOALA Controller offers a choice of temperature settings from 28°C - 39°C / 82°F -
102°F. Settings are easily adjustable to deliver gentle, conductive warming at selected temperature, adjustable by 0.5°C / 1.0°F.

The two part system - Controller and Mattress are compact in design, convenient for neonatal care where space is often restricted. KOALA ∆T Standard Size Mattress fits easily into standard size bassinets and the Controller can be placed nearby utilizing the adjustable pole mount. The lightweight Controller weighs in at 9 lbs ensuring portability when required.

Product Specifications
Product Description          Order Number                Dimensions
KOALA ∆T Infant Controller 28 - KIW - CON 6.2" x 9.5" x 9.1"
KOALA ∆T Infant Controller with
Integrated Battery and DC Power
28 - KIW - CON - TRANS 11" x 6" x 5"
KOALA ∆T Infant
Standard Warming Mattress
28 - KIW - SM1 24" x 13"
KOALA ∆T Infant
Large Warming Mattress
28 - KIW - LM2 29" x 23"
KOALA ∆T Infant
Warming Blanket
28 - KIW - BL3 18" x 20"


NOVALITE Laryngoscopes

NOVAMED USA offers the most complete selection of Standard and Fiber Optic laryngoscopes to meet the needs of pediatric and neonatal anesthesiology.

NEOTEMP Neonatal Skin Temperature Sensors

As a specialist in temperature monitoring, NOVAMED USA provides the most accurate neonatal skin temperature sensors designed to match virtually every incubator and radiant warmer on the market.

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The Future in Active Infant Warming, Today
Infant Warming Kangaroo Care NOVAMED

Unlike traditional radiant warmers, KOALA∆T warms through direct contact with skin, simulating mother’s natural body warmth.

NEOTEMP Skin Temperature Sensors
NEOTEMP Skin Temperature Sensors
Select from a complete range of neonatal skin temperature sensors compatible with GE / Ohmeda, Dräger / Air Shields, ATOM Medical and transport incubators / warmers.
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Did You Know
Standard LED Laryngoscope Blades Miller Macintosh Sizes

NOVALITE LED Standard Laryngoscopes remain cool at all times, the safest option for neonates.

NOVALITE LED Standard Laryngoscope blades provide superior illumination with a low profile for safer intubations. Available in pediatric sizes Miller 00 to Miller 1.5, MacIntosh 0 - 1.
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