Is Your MRI Suite Equipped for Emergency Intubations

Engineered for Maximum Light Output in the MRI

To afford clinicians a solution for safe intubations within the magnetic resonance (MR)environment, NOVAMED USA presents NOVALITE MRI Conditional Laryngoscopes.

Engineered with high-powered Lithium XENON light technology, NOVALITE MRI Conditional Laryngoscope handles meet FDA mandated ASTM and Class 2 laryngoscope device specifications and are Certified MRI Conditional up to 3.0 Tesla

High Quality Construction

NOVALITE MRI Conditional Fiber Optic handles are built to last with a polished finish to ensure durability and long life. Textured surface provides a comfortable grip to prevent slippage for enhanced safety in the MRI Suite.

  • High intensity XENON bulb provides ultra bright, white light with 10 continuous hours of reliable light output.
  • Certified MRI Conditional up to 3 Tesla.
  • Handle is lightweight (11 oz. with Lithium battery).
  • Compatible with all ISO 7376 (Green System) blades.

Green System
Order Number Description
15 – MRI – HMED - 1 MRI Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Lightweight
Medium Handle

NOVALITE MRI Conditional Laryngoscopes are powered by a single low magnetic signature 3.9V Lithium battery for MRI suite safety. Batteries come with travel / storage case to prevent damage for improved risk management.

Order Number Description
15-MRI-LI-1 MRI Conditional Lithium Battery
15-MRI-LICA Lithium Battery Travel / Storage Case (included with battery)
15-800-MRI MRI Conditional Laryngoscope Storage Pouch
14-700FO-03-06 Fiber Optic Ultra Brite 3.5V Xenon Bulbs (6/pack) for MRI Handle

NOVAMED USA Recommends:
  • Keeping spare 3.5Volt XENON Bulbs on hand for each MRI-Suite location. These MRI Compatible Bulbs are proprietary for the NOVALITE MRI Conditional Handle (order by pre-pack / 6 bulbs).

  • Having spare Lithium Batteries for each MRI Conditional Fiber Optic Handle. The handle requires just one lithium battery. Store replacement batteries in the protective storage case.

Is Your MR Suite Equipped for Safe Intubation?

Equip your MR suite for emergency intubations with the #1 choice by MR clinicians worldwide. Handle and blades are FDA 510(k) approved and meet ASTM standards for MRI conditional laryngoscope requirements up to 3.0 Tesla.

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